Erb Spa at Warehouse 30

Operating Hours

10:00 am - 8:00 pm, daily. Book 4 hours in advance.

More Information

Warehouse 30的Erb Spa的疗程强调,保留精華但擁抱創新。

Erb Spa是處在文創區域的身心場所。是在歷史文化區Bang Rak新興起的Charoenkrung的其中幾個新的場域。Erb Spa專注於為訪客提供皇家般的待遇,讓您無論是身、心都能恢復青春和活力。當您進入Erb Spa時,您將處於優質的環境和享受一流的服務,讓您所有感官都能夠放鬆。Erb最具代表性的「香水吧檯」邀請您試聞各種精油,啟動您的嗅覺感官。一杯經典的蘋果茶讓您復甦味蕾,重整能量。而Erb的綠色系裝潢設計對比傳統手工藝品更是使您視覺上感到平靜。

Erb Spa的服務項目取自於古老智慧加上當代創意,致力於泰式傳統美容技法使您煥發自然美,他們保留這些經得起時間考驗的天然古法配方但又精進其技術以及藥學科學。

在Erb Spa的服務選單中,可以輕易察覺泰式古法的脈絡 – 皇家泰式按摩、Erb香料、光澤去身體角質、泰國米慶典,以及其他更多使用泰式古法及泰國香草的選項。然而,Erb七黃金花粉療法是本中心的經典代表。它是Erb獲獎殊榮的七種泰國生長的花所取出的花粉組合,包括蓮花、Sarape花、Bakula花、茉莉、Bunnag花、依蘭、黃玉蘭,此療法採用純金葉面膜技術來防止老化並且維持肌膚彈性。


Erb Spa at Warehouse 30 is a wellness sanctuary in the Creative District. One of the many new establishments contributing to the revival of Charoenkrung in historic Bang Rak, Erb Spa focuses on rejuvenating visitors to the area with royal treatment – literally and figuratively. The moment you enter Erb Spa, you are greeted with excellent service and atmosphere that calm you through all your senses. Erb’s iconic “Perfume Bar” invites you to try aromatic selections that engages your olfaction. A signature apple tea aids in replenishing your energy while refreshing your palate. Erb’s decoration with green shades shine contrasted with traditional handcrafted decorative items brings serenity to your vision.

Erb Spa’s treatments are created from mixing age-old wisdom with creative advancements. The establishment’s ethos is that lasting natural beauty can be achieved through forgotten Thai court beauty rituals and time tested natural ingredients while enhancing that with improved techniques and discoveries in medicinal sciences.

Its root in old treatment traditions can clearly be discerned from its treatment menu – Royal Thai Massage, Erb Spice & Shine Body Scrub, Thai Rice Ceremony, and more reflect the belief in using older Thai herbs and techniques. However, the Erb Seven Pollen Golden Therapy is the spa’s hallmark. Using Erb’s award winning Seven Pollen line which consists of pollens from the regional Thai flowers: Lotus, Sarape, Bakula, Jasmine, Bunnag, Ylang yang and Champaka, the therapy embraces pure gold leaf masking technique to prevent premature aging and improve elasticity of the skin.

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