Things to do in Charoenkrung

The relocation of the Thailand Creative & Design Center—better known as TCDC—to Charoenkrung may be a simple move to many. It is, however, a big deal to creative types and forward-thinking entrepreneurs. The move not only exposes the neighborhood to thirty thousand TCDC members, but also introduces more creative vibes, a commercial environment and business opportunities—things Charoenkrung has lacked for decades, if not a century. Since the relocation announcement last January, new restaurants, bars and galleries have mushroomed along Chaoroenkrung Road and its adjacent sois. Hotels in the area have gone through face-lifting processes. New residential projects have been built. The hood once only known for its street food and five-star hotels has become vibrant once again. It’s enjoying so much hype that the pioneers of Charoenkrung’s creative scene—Duangrit Bunnag of The Jam Factory, Shane Suvikapakornkul of Serindia Gallery, David Robinson of Bangkok River Partners, for example—have joined forces to set up the Creative District Foundation, a central unit that brainstormsfor ideas on how to make the community better—more liveable to its residents but also visitor-friendly. Time Out Bangkok editors roamed the alleys of Charoenkrungto discover the best places to eat, drink, shop and sightsee, and to celebrate the comeback of one of Bangkok’s oldest riverside neighborhoods.

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