The Organic Renaissance of Bangkok’s Creative District

New Beginnings for Bang Rak and Klong San

Neighbourhoods in Bangkok evolve rapidly. New developments often involve old structures being replaced by high-rise shopping malls, condominiums, and offices. However, the districts of Bang Rak and Klong San, associated with the older riverside history, have in recent years gone through a revival of a different kind. Two subsections of the riverside districts have experienced a creative and innovative transformation and have been repositioned as a single Creative District.

The two subsections, each located on opposite sides of the Chao Phraya River, are hotbeds of diversity, where east meets west and old sits with new. Here, traditional shophouses surround luxury hotels. Various houses of worship are situated only a few blocks apart. Both subsections, being part of older Bangkok, contain excellent footpaths that make them more walkable than other districts in the capital.

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