The Iconic World of Andy Warhol

Thais can get a glimpse into the mind of the avant-garde master until Nov 24

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the border closures, the “Andy Warhol: Pop Art” exhibition finally found its way to Bangkok after its schedule was postponed from May to this month.

Set against the vibrant walls, the iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Mao Zedong are now on display at the RCB Galleria until Nov 24 to celebrate the creativity of the King of Pop Art and promote American pop culture among Thais.

“This project has been imagined with hope and faith. River City Bangkok is a centre for lifelong learning, where people can explore art and culture in all of its forms, ranging from ancient objects, contemporary art, photography and music to literature and films,” said Linda Cheng, managing director of River City Bangkok.

“Art enriches our mind and nourishes our soul, making us feel happy and fulfilled. When Andy Warhol said ‘pop art is for everyone’, I believe he was keen for art to be accessible, not elitist. We have brought this exhibition of original works to Thailand because we wish everyone, especially the young generation who may not have the opportunity to see them overseas, be inspired by the genius of Andy Warhol.”


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