Warehouse 30 Market

Through the ages, the market has been a significant place that brings Thais together. Be it for knick-knacks, street foods, fresh produce, or wholesale, if there is a market, the Thais will come. But changing times mean changing tastes and a new type of market has joined the spectrum. Warehouse 30 Market is one of these new highly curated spaces, where products are more sharply aligned with the demands of contemporary and cosmopolitan urbanites.

This market in Warehouse 30 places a premium on design and quality, and as a result has created a one-stop-shop for Thais seeking stylish modern lifestyle goods. Home decor, crafting gears, accessories, books, soundtracks, and more are available at Warehouse 30 Market. Some stores are more nostalgic and sell vintage items and rare film cameras. If one is ever in the Creative District on the Bang Rak side, a visit here might yield remembrances to bring home.

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