WH1 at Warehouse30

Operating Hours

Sunday to Saturday 10:00-22:00

Located in the heart of Bangkok's vibrant Creative District, WH1 at Warehouse30 is a unique and surprising venue meetings, product launches and events.

Warehouse30 is an exciting new genre of community center that has found its home in a prepossessed Wold War II ammunition store. The brainchild of celebrity architect and owner of The Jam Factory on the other side of the Chao Phraya River, Warehouse 30 includes a fashion boutique, restuarants, cafes and a bar, a homeware emporium, documentary cinema, co-working space, and spa.

Of the eight warehouses, WH1 is a rent-able event space of 300 sqm (10m x 30m) which can seat 160 people in auditorium format, but also ideal for product launches, corporate entertaining, exhibitions and meetings. Its and ideal venue for companies who want to project their creative side and surprise and stimulate their participants. The space is raw but air-conditioned.

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