Warehouse 30

Operating Hours

Varies by business

How to get there

  • An easy walk from Si Phaya Pier (N3)

Warehouse 30 follows the footsteps of The Jam Factory in Khlong San, mirroring its role as a creative center but on east side of the river.

For years, the seven large warehouses behind the Embassy of Portugal sat unused, except for the sole presence of P.Tendercool – a Bangkok based, Belgian run design studio specialized in bespoke handmade furniture. The team behind The Jam Factory came and saw the potential of the complex in being a complementary creative center and soon began work on restoring the warehouses for contemporary function. The result is Warehouse 30, opened in 2017 to much fanfare.

Through careful conservation and minimal intervention, much of the interesting architectural elements of the warehouse have been preserved. The exposed pillars, beams and steel structures still lay bare for all to see. The original wooden floor also remains, which is key in retaining the old warehouse feel. The 4,000 sqm complex has become a mixed-use space that encourages Bangkokians to come and stay a while. Professionals can work in co-working space ‘One Big House’ or rent out the event space occupying the first and second warehouse.

Warehouse 30 is in its own way a one-stop-shop. If you are in need of a new wardrobe, trendy clothing stores are available in the fourth warehouse. When you are done shopping, stop over in the fifth warehouse for a satisfying meal or drink – there is a mix of cafes and bars serving a variety of delightful nourishments. Walk over to the last two warehouses to find a mini-event space for film screenings and yoga classes and a multipurpose shop selling various brands displaying their own specialty wares. One visit will not be enough, as strong programming will keep events such as TEDxCharoenkrung and others coming.

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