Wang Lang Market

Operating Hours

10:00 am – 5:00 pm

A testament to the influence of migrants, Wang Lang Market will have your tongue burning with its sumptuous southern Thai dishes.

You think Thai food is spicy? Then may the gods have mercy on your tongue when you try southern Thai food. Wang Lang market is next to Siriraj Hospital where you can visit its intriguing museum of medical curiosities. There is an unusually high number of southern Thai food vendors in this market. Lined up on the south side of Phran Nok road, these vendors will melt your face off with fiery curries. Carry a bucket of ice and water, grab a seat, and steel your stomach.

People often wonder why there’s more street southern Thai cuisine in Wang Lang Market than anywhere else. One theory as to why this might be the case is that a nearby defunct railway station turned riverside park used to be the gateway into Bangkok for southern Thais. They arrived and never left the locale.

In any case, once you are done testing the your spice tolerance level, wander around and pick up other meals, snacks and sweets. Wang Lang Market is a foodie’s paradise and an affordable one to boot. No wonder students from Thammasat University in North Rattanakosin Island often take the boat from across the river to fill their tummies.

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