Meet at the world-class True Auditorium opening in 2019 at ICONSIAM.

Poised to be the center for international gatherings, the True Auditorium at ICONSIAM will attract the world’s most important conferences. Sought-after A-list artists will perform there. The 3,000-seat venue will be Thailand’s first such facility at world-class standards, and have the most advanced and comprehensive communication infrastructure, using the fastest fibre optics in Thailand and the most innovative communication package for users.

ICONSIAM will be the most complete connection hub for in Bangkok for land, rail, and water transportation. Within a single shuttle boat hop are 5,000 luxury hotel rooms and suites, waterfront ballrooms and meeting rooms, restaurants and bars, spas and fitness centers of Bangkok River Partners.

There are a host of entertainment options on Bangkok River with Asiatique, Bangkok’s famous waterfront night market, being one of them. The Asiatique Sky wheel, shops and restaurants, live performances and attractions makes it the perfect place for your delegates to wind down at the end of the day. Guests can dine on river cruise boats that sail up and down the Chao Phraya and safely return to their accommodations after an elegant dinner under the stars and viewing stunning lit palaces and temples.

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