Operating Hours

Varies by appointment

How to get there

  • Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Sathorn Pier and board a free ICONSIAM boat shuttle
  • Take the escalators or elevators to the 7th floor of ICONSIAM. True Icon Hall is accessed from Suralai Hall
More Information

TRUE ICON HALL is a venue of many firsts that is set right in the heart of Bangkok.

In Bangkok, one would be hard-pressed to find venues that are not only capable of hosting demanding world-class events, but also located in a very central area of the city. ICONSIAM is a must-go destination with a globally recognized stature.  True is the leader in digital technology. Together, they have created TRUE ICON HALL, a venue that goes beyond just providing physical meeting or performance space – its strategic yet beautiful central location on the river plus future focused infrastructures and features maximize its ability to connect and inspire people.

TRUE ICON HALL in ICONSIAM is on the riverfront in Thonburi. For attendees visiting the Thai capital, staying at accommodations right next to the historical Chao Phraya River and experiencing Old Bangkok become easy options. ICONSIAM offers free shuttle boat services taking visitors to and from piers that are transportation nodes. With the Gold Line opening in the near future, ICONSIAM will be accessible by BTS Skytrain with no need to use other forms of transportation. Both boat and train bypass traffic on the road, taking attendees to downtown Bangkok in heartbeat. ICONSIAM will have the most complete connection hub in Bangkok for land, rail, and water transportation.

Many vibrant elements make TRUE ICON HALL a global venue. The plaza-like NAPALAI Terrace brings attendees outdoors, opens up the space up to a panoramic river vista, and lets natural light in. Inside, SURALAI Hall is a precursor space to the main hall and meeting rooms. The 1,200 square meters area, suitable for reception or special events, is elegantly decorated with silver, gold, naga forms, and other motifs of classical Thai art. The main hall itself seats 2,700 people and is designed to be as malleable as possible to the event organizers’ visions. Retractable seats and double operable walls allow events to take many forms quickly. For the first time in Asia in a conference venue, the ceilings are made from panels of light pixels which allow very precisely ‘tunable’ ambient lighting to any occasion imaginable. 14 other fully equipped meeting rooms complete the complex to cater to other types of meetings such as press conferences, seminars, workshops or small banquets.

Poised to be the center for international gatherings, TRUE ICON HALL has one of the most advanced and comprehensive communication infrastructure that is able to deliver extraordinary experiences and delight visitors with sight, sound, and other sensory simulations. All attendees will have access to lightning fast wired and wireless connections. Seats in the main hall has a USB slot to enable digital actions. To include every attendee from other countries, listeners can understand cross language presentations through an application on their own smartphone providing instant audio translations. For virtual attendees, an advanced system that allows people who want to attend a meeting or seminar from anywhere in the world can access and participate via live streaming.

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