Traidhos Barge Program

Operating Hours

8:30 am - 5:00 pm, Mon - Fri

How to get there

  • Bangkok River Marina condominium

Bangkok’s lifeblood is the grand river Chao Phraya and there is no denying that without it, life in the city will be next to impossible. But as the river becomes largely invisible in Bangkokians’ eyes due to focus of development away from it, care for the imperative water body also diminishes. Here is where Traidhos Barge Program steps in, rolling up its sleeves and ready to bring your eyes and ears back on the river.

In 1994, ambitious Thai architect ML Tridhosyuth Devakul had a vision of a floating school that would educate Thai youngsters about the Chao Phraya River. Through hands on experience, they would become aware of the problems it faces and be inspired to act restore it to its pristine state. After the purchase and renovation of a twenty meter teak rice barge, the rest of the story is history. The program grew into what it is today, with an expansive selection of programs and itineraries. The barge today receives students, private groups, and communities from around the world.

Look through and select your favorite program for you and your students. Trips are not restricted to the Chao Phraya but visit all parts of the watershed, including Chiang Mai. Expect to huddle, take care of one another, get your hands dirty, and walk away with a renewed sense of responsibility and ideas to save the river. Not only is the program fun, it is planting a seed of environmental compassion in the next generation that will take over from us.


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