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The Siam is a splendid escape into a whole other world that keeps vacationers intrigued.

The 3 acres of hotel land has been carefully designed for a very specific experience. The 39 rooms are in the form of suites and villas, each with white washed walls, black accents, and antiquated looking doorways. As you meander past each private space, some of which are actual historic houses transplanted from Ayutthaya, you can’t help but feel that you have been transported you to a quaint yet luxurious upcountry town even though you remain fully within Bangkok.

Designed by globally acclaimed architect and designer Bill Bensley, all rooms offer the ultimate pampering experience. A personal butler is assigned to each room and, upon request, will come to see to your every need. All rooms come standard with plush furnishings and super-sized king beds. The lofty ceilings, Art Deco-style living rooms, and airy bathrooms ensure that you are completely immersed in beauty. To top it off, each suite has its own unique theme that draws inspiration from Thai life through the ages and is decorated with original turn-of-the-century oriental artwork.

If you follow the hotel’s suggestion to take it all in slowly, you can spend a few days discovering every amenity and observing the painstaking detail with which various spaces were constructed. The cafes and restaurants have their own personalities. The Opium Spa has a feel that it can take all the stress out of you. The screening room, library, curio shop, and much more are filled with antiques and curiosities enough to satisfy our inner history buffs and photographers.

Note: As of October 2020, the complimentary shuttle is currently out of service.

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