The Peninsula Spa

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9:00 am - 11:00 pm, daily

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The Peninsula Spa’s home is a three-storeyed Thai colonial-style building facing a long pool and the river. From the cream colored façade to earth toned decors within, the place exudes elegance. The building houses several types of rooms: from standard rooms to convertible ones for multi treatment to private suites.

Prior to and post treatment, you can enjoy relaxation rooms separated for each gender. Beds, steam showers, whirlpools, pool front terrace are all there for your pleasure so don’t be shy and use them accordingly.

The spa menu is plentiful – Thai, Ayuvedic, and European treatments are available and combined to improve your wellbeing. Most interestingly, there is tailor-made Peninsula Time program available. If you are unable to pick a treatment, consult a fully trained therapist to get recommendations according to your ailments, mood, and activities in the near future. The mixing and matching of treatments will be unique to individuals.

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