The Jam Factory

Operating Hours

10:00 am – 8:00 pm, daily

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The Jam Factory is a café, a homeware store, a gallery, a restaurant, a bookshop, and an office, all in one on the river.

There are very few places in Bangkok where you can go and truly let out a sigh of relief. Picture this: a series of old factory buildings wrapped around a grassy courtyard, massive Bodhi trees and a deck leading to the river’s edge. Did you include sunlight streaming through and the wind rustling the leaves? Because The Jam Factory in the Creative District is exactly that.

Home to DBALP’s office space and much more, The Jam Factory has very much bought into the concept of mixed use development and community. Start with a cup of coffee at the Library café and their signature green tea waffle. Then wander through Anyroom’s home décor shop and purchase some fun designs. Need a new book? Get one from the Candide bookshop next door. Now head over to the The Jam Factory Gallery and admire the current exhibition. Wander past DBALP office space and wish you were working there. Finish it all off with a nice Thai meal at The Never Ending Summer restaurant by the pier deck.

When you leave, probably by boat, you will think that one visit might not be enough. And you’re right – there’s a farmer’s market on the last weekend of each month with pop-up activities throughout.

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