Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) believe that food insecurity & food waste is one of the most pressing societal and environmental issues of our time.

Their goal is to establish well-managed systems that apply potential waste and surplus food in a meaningful way for communities in need. With educational efforts that engage and encourage communities to make a difference, they will create a greater awareness of these issues and help protect the life-cycle of this precious resource. As they grow these systems, they want community involvement and kids education, allowing them to facilitate scholarships for selected bright students helping them in these communities.

Funded by private donations, SOS establishes local non-profits with cooling trucks, facilities, equipment and motivated staff to ensure fast and precise delivery on their mission in each country. Within the first years of operation these entities are integrated into the communities they will help and eventually each country operation will be independent, strong and efficient with local sponsors, hard working staff, and happy recipient communities.

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