Thai Home Industries

Operating Hours

9:00 am - 6:30 pm, Mon - Sat

Thai craft has never been made with more love than in Thai Home Industries

Thai Home Industries is anything but what “industrial” conjures in one’s mind. There are neither heavy machinery nor loud factory lines. Quite the opposite in fact. It is an enduring and endearing custom-made Thai craft store housed in an eye-catching temple styled building.

Located in the Creative District and a stone’s throw from Mandarin Oriental, the store is a simple airy room, naturally lit by skylight. A stroll in here is like visiting a shop of the past, which is most suitable for products that stand the test of time. Their Thai craft works range from traditional Thai-style cotton shirts to straw Thai kitchenware to pottery. But the flagship of their collection is their kitchen silverware. Every spoon, fork and knife is hand-made to precision and with a big focus on design, ergonomics and quality. Hold any of them in your hand and you will know that these will last a lifetime. Their bread knife is a wonder to behold – every saw-tooth serration has been sharpened by hand on both sides of the edge. Why? So both left- and right-handed customers can use it.

Having been in operation for more than half a century, Thai Home Industries still maintains its mission: to make the best Thai craft home goods by hand and let the quality speak for itself. New customers arriving through only word of mouth is a testament to that. Their more impressive customer story, however, is generational. Children whose parents purchased silverware from this store while in Thailand years ago have often returned seeking to obtain their own set, after having fond childhood memories of using the elegant cutlery.


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