Street Art: Sofia Castellanos

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Sofia Castellanos' mural celebrates the triumph of life and the feminine gift of creation.

In a world where darker hues are celebrated as mature and professional, cities often favor muted colors. On top of that, with all concrete and asphalt everywhere, grey is king in the urban environment. One would be hard pressed to find bold and bright colors in cities and Bangkok is no exception. But when one does, it is like discovering an oasis of positivity. And Sofia Castellanos’ latest mural in the Creative District is just that.

In Charoenkrung soi 32, squashed between the Grand Postal Building and Warehouse 30 is “Mysteries & Magic”, a luscious mural by the Mexican street artist in March 2017. One look at the piece elicits a complex mix of feelings from feminine to whimsical to wonder and more. All these positive emotions are exactly what Sofia ordered. The colors are purposely bright and the mural landscape includes flora and fauna of all kind. Among the different elements is the face of a reflective woman.

“My creative process is all about spontaneity, about experimenting with different techniques. I feel fascinated by the complexity of all living things, which has led me to develop exotic and wonderful characters, detailed and diverse as this unique world I have created for them.”

Sofia also brings a piece of Mexico to Bangkok with this artwork. Bolder colors are integral to Mexican culture and the armadillo, a symbolic creature in local lore, is present in the natural elements.

You can see the work of Sofia Castellanos on the wall of Warehouse 30 in Charoenkrung soi 32.

This project is presented by the Embassy of Mexico, Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Warehouse 30, Creative District Foundation and Bangkok River Partners.

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