Speedy Grandma

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1:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Wed - Sun

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Let’s get it out of the way. You’re wondering why Speedy Grandma right? According to an urban ghost legend, a grandma was riding a motorbike in Bangkok when she was suddenly cut in two by a string stretched across the street. It is said that from that tragic incident onwards, anyone who rides too fast in that small street will see in the rear view mirror grandma’s upper torso crawling after the vehicle. Scary huh? And I bet you will begin telling people that urban legend pretty quickly.

That is the underlying idea behind Speedy Grandma. Just like its namesake, it seeks to spread the artwork in its gallery in a viral manner: fun and fast.

If you do go, make sure you stop by its watering hole. The bar is as good as any and will provide the energy through the night. If you are lucky, you might be present for a talk which is regularly hosted there. Any related to art is a possible topic for the night.

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