Princess Mother Memorial Park


At the end of the 19th century, a commoner girl was born to goldsmith in Thonburi. Named Sangwan Talapat, the young girl grew up as part the first generation of Thai women to ever be educated and was taught to read and write.

Little did anyone know that she was destined for a grander purpose that would shape her home nation. While in the United States pursuing higher education, Sangwan met her future husband, Prince Mahidol Adulyadej, the Prince of Songkla Nagarindra, and the rest became history. After her ascension into the royal family, she bore three children: She was the mother of Princess Galyani Vadhana, the Princess of Naradhiwas, King Ananda Mahidol (Rama VIII), and King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX).

The Princess Mother, formally known as Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani, is a much beloved figure in Thailand. Despite her duties as a royal family member, the Princess Mother never forgot the people and worked on countless projects to give back to the public. Many foundations aimed at improving the lives of the disadvantaged were established by her, with the most well-known being Doi Tung foundation. It is said that her efforts had much influence on King Bhumibol whose own projects reflected her care for the citizens of the country.

In 1995, the Princess Mother passed on and in loving memory of her, King Bhumibol founded the Princess Mother Memorial Park. Opened in 1997, the park serves to allow the general public to get to know the Princess Mother intimately. The lush open green space contains a reproduction of the house she grew up in as a child and two exhibition halls that display photographs and mementos of the Princess Mother. One of the most beautiful and serene parks in Bangkok, the Princess Mother Memorial Park is worth a visit for quiet, reverent moments away from the noise of Bangkok.

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