PLAY art house

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Tues-Thu 11.00-16.00 / Fri-Sun 11.00-18.00 / Closes on Monday

In Chinatown, half way along Songwat Road, is this 1934 building which, like so many in the area, was built as warehouse. Today it is home to a contemporary art gallery.

The building has been in the family when the owner’s grandfather imported shoes from China. His son, and father of the current owner, decorated the clogs with traditional Chinese designs. When fashion trends changed 30 years ago, the family converted the ground floor into what would become a popular Chinese restaurant.

In 2019, the owner, Khun Aui, began to explore his own creativity. Following in his father’s footsteps, he started painting along with his own son, Homme. Soon, Aui was selling art in a friend’s restaurant. As his artwork grew, he and his wife, Aey, came up with the plan to open a gallery, and so Play Art House was born.

Inside you will see many traditional features have been lovingly restored. The columns introduced for the restaurant and the ironwork on the windows are reminders of three generations of business. Its definitely a family affair, with the gallery logo designed by Aui and Aey’s daughter.

Exhibitions change every couple of months. Visit and you’ll see contemporary works by Thai and international artists and photographers. Sometimes there are even live performances.

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