On Soi Wanit 2, a narrow but important artery of Talad Noi, is where you will find “Ped Tun Chao Ta”. This local restaurant is famous, having served roast duck and noodles for more than 40 years. It’s a favourite among the locals and tourists because of the signature dishes, distinctive flavours and casual atmosphere.

The ‘deliciousness’ is attributed to the owner’s culinary skills and the freshness of her produce. Of Chinese decent, Noi has been roasting duck since she was 8-year-old. She moved into Talad Noi when she was 18 where she honed her ability to differentiate her dishes from those of others. Her recipes are almost impossible to imitate.

Reflecting on the early days, Noi clearly remembers the day she opened the eatery: “We started selling a bowl of duck noodles for 6 baht a bowl, but the demand was so strong we had to increase the price to 7 baht on the second day. By the third day we were selling at 8 baht per bowl”.

Noi, the owner, now with eight daughters and numerous grandchildren, is still working in her restaurant every day of the week, chopping and making her signature soup for the customers from far and wide.

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