Paw-Dee Lifestyle

Operating Hours

1:00 pm - 7:30 pm, Tues - Sat

How to get there

  • Take a Chao Phraya Express Boat from Sathorn Pier to Oriental Pier and walk to O.P. Garden.

Paw-Dee Lifestyle brings you the best of contemporary Thai crafts made by people living in Thailand.

Many years back before the inception of Paw-Dee Lifestyle, the co-founders noticed a gap in the market – there was no one-stop shop for high quality Thai crafts as souvenirs. If there was one, the quality of the products was not of global standard or the style was too traditional for people to use in their modern homes. They also noticed more and more Thai designers deviating and creating design works that could not be identified as Thai or even South East Asia. These trends meant that no one was supporting or encouraging modern Thai crafts. As a result, Paw-Dee Lifestyle was born.

Paw-Dee Lifestyle is a specialty store with a mission to promote the contemporary Thai crafts and encourage people, young and old, locals and tourists to add craft to their homes. It is also a platform for young designers/crafters who are interested in modernizing traditional craft in sustainable ways by using local materials and/or employing local know-hows in creating their high quality craft pieces. Since its founding, Paw-Dee Lifestyle has become the first shop that locals and tourists think of when they want to get high quality, contemporary Thai crafts.

Located in lush art hub that is O.P. Garden, Paw-Dee Lifestyle is a major contributor to the character of the blooming Creative District. Its focus on high quality Thai craft sets it apart from many other shops selling décor and souvenirs. The co-founders are regular hosts to the Creative District Gallery Hopping Night and willing to explain every product to any curious patrons. Stop by, wander through their warmly lit shop, and get to know the story of each craft collection – a sign that explains the maker’s perspective, process, and ideas accompanies every single one.

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