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Soft Opening - Cafe: 11am - 6pm

Patina is located in a house built during the reign of King Rama I (1737 - 1809) in Talad Noi or ‘small market’ at the southern quarters of Bangkok’s sprawling Chinatown.

The Chinese-style building was a home, being passed from generation to generation until being sold to the current owners in 2015. The two buildings that snakes along the tiny lane to one side, are separated by a small courtyard and an open well which draws from the water table running under the house to the Chao Phraya River. In recent years, the house has hosted pop-up exhibitions for Bangkok Design Week and Awaken Bangkok light festival.

The house is now rented to three friends, each with their own hospitality businesses. They were drawn to the building by its charm and its location along Vanich Soi 2 in what is becoming one of Bangkok’s most desirable neighbourhoods to walk. Speak about their ambitions, Navatep Chaolaem says: “It is important to all three of us that we preserve the integrity and authenticity of the building. To that end we have strengthened the structure, rewired for new lighting, and invested in the plumbing. The building’s well-aged patina remains untouched.”

The meaning of the word, ‘patina’ is a thin surface layer that develops on something because of use , age or chemical action. The word is often used to describe precious artifacts whose beauty is enhanced over the many years.

Patina will be a bar, restaurant and cafe, but for now its barista is busy serving up a range of coffees including their signature Thai style Italian soda and dirty coffee. They use only premium chocolate in their mocha and the green tea is imported from Japan. In the coming months the bar will be opened, and the restaurant will Chinese inspired dishes. Upstairs will operate as a gallery for the grown Thai art scene, but where ever you sit you are assured on Instagramable moments.

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