O.P. Garden is a green oasis in the middle of the Creative District that pays homage to Dr. Boonsoong Lekagul.

Comprised of several standalone buildings that have been renovated into a single intimate and compact retail complex, O.P. Garden is a green oasis in the middle of the Creative District. The original driveway that once allowed cars to drive into the middle of the buildings has been transformed into a courtyard that is landscaped with lush, verdant plants. Many who have been to O.P. Garden often observe an aura of serenity that is associated with nature and it may very well be because of its history and spirit.

O.P. Garden was once the home of Dr. Boonsong Lekagul, a revered polymath who started the conservation movement in Thailand. All at once a Thai medical doctor, biologist, ornithologist, herpetologist, and conservationist, Dr. Lekagul started the country’s first polyclinic in his home at O.P. Garden. As a hunter, he began to see the deterioration of Thailand’s wildlife and forests and as such, spearheaded a series of activities in the 1950s to bring conservation to the forefront of society. His many legacies include founding the Association for the Conservation of Wildlife and Bird Conservation Society of Thailand, Khao Yai National Park as the country’s first natural park, and preventing the openbill stork’s extinction by declaring its nesting area protected.

Today, O.P. Garden is no longer Dr. Lekagul’s home but still pays homage to his achievements. This is seen in the green character of the complex and murals of him and wildlife. The complex is becoming well known as an art hub with strong presence of ATTA Gallery, Serindia Gallery, and Paw-Dee Lifestyle. If you have never been, the Creative District Gallery Hopping Night is a great time to visit. If not, feel free to spend an afternoon sipping a drink or enjoying a hearty Provence dinner in the lush space of French St.

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