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Chao Phraya River's immediate neighbourhoods are the oldest and have long formed their streets before the arrival of automobiles. This makes them more walkable than most parts of the city.

Bangkok’s river has always been and will always be the bloodline of Bangkokians. For hundreds of years, it has provided all that is required for locals to live and driven the original settlement to prosper into present day Bangkok. Before cars, Thais would use the river and canals as their main thoroughfares or go on foot through streets made for walking. The original settlements along the river grew around those ways of life Today, those very same areas have inherited human scale buildings, roads, and sidewalks, making them worth exploring on foot.

These neighbourhoods are often a treasure trove of gems that cannot be accessed by cars. Urban planning has lead to Bangkok having many mega-blocks, with much of unseen culture and history tucked away in the middle of them. Many older local communities have been built with troks or alleys that fit only pedestrians, bicycles, and motorcycles, resulting in amazing structures and stories hidden away from eyes on main roads.

For those who love walking and desire a sense of discovery, Bangkok River has created a series of self guided walking tours, complete with a printable map and links to pages describing points of interest in detail. Get your sun and rain gear on, walking shoes, and lots of water ready for these hyper-local journeys. Defunct standalone cinemas, secret eateries, surprising wall art, tiny museums, and much more await you on these neighbourhood walks.

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