The house is 91 year-old, started life as office for fish sauce company, Ruang Thong. From here the owner spent one each day distributing his products around Tha Thien, on the other side of the river and Memorial Bridge.

Then, in 1956 the owner was made an attractive offer to buy the house, which he had rented for 39 years. He’d never thought of buying a place in Thailand, as he thought one day he would return to his native home, China. However, with rent for the house increasing, he agreed to buy the house for 100,000 baht.

In the old days, visitors to Bangkok from China would stay at the house – sometimes up to 50 people per night. Fast-forward to now, this place is now called My Grandparent’s House, operating as a coffee shop by the current generation of the Thungsombat family. The family is keen to share the history of the family who pioneered the fish sauce business.

Grandparents House offers a different atmosphere as compared to other coffee shops. To visit, make your way to Princess Mother’s Memorial Park. From there it’s an easy stroll through the Chinese shine to the house on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. Sit back, sip coffee, and watch boats large and small ferry up and down the River.

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