Museum Siam

Operating Hours

10:00 am - 18:00 pm, Tue - Sun


Thailand is not known for its museums but rather for its opulent temples or vibrant markets. But Museum Siam is changing that perception. Located in Rattanakosin Island and a stone’s throw away from world famous Wat Pho, the museum is gaining ground with both locals and tourists on becoming a must-see destination in Bangkok.

The concept of the museum is simple – display a linear story that tells the history of Thailand through the lives of its people. Intuitive and experiential, the journey through the museum is set as one standard path for everyone through its building – starting at the ground floor of the historical building, visitors stroll up and through each of the three floors while viewing permanent and rotating exhibitions. Learning events and activities are also available and make the museum the place to get under the skin of Thailand. The museum employs creative communication methods as well. From videos to interactive exercises, museum enthusiasts will be delighted to find this gem of global museum standards.

Museum Siam is a perfect afternoon visit – the building itself is historic and very telling of past Thai architecture. The grounds contain a beautiful garden and café that is ready for lounging right after your walk through the educational displays. People watch as busloads of teachers and students come ready to absorb their nation’s past.

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