Muay Thai Live

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8:00 pm - 9:30 pm, Tues to Sun

How to get there

  • Head to Asiatique
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Muay Thai Live is a perfect between sport and performance art.

Muay Thai, the “science of eight limbs”, often elicits respect in the world of martial arts. The Thai traditional combat system is known to demand practitioners to use fists, elbows, knees, feet, and more to strike opponents intensely and quickly. As an outsider, one can take up Muay Thai classes or watch matches in Bangkok to see it action. Fights can get pretty brutal, albeit serious injuries are rare. If you are someone who prefers to witness Muay Thai for its beauty without needing to stomach the blows, Muay Thai Live at Asiatique is for you.

Instead of having spectators watch a series of wins and losses, the creators of Muay Thai Live have infused the sport with stories to create a performance art going experience unlike any other. Actors are trained in Muay Thai but now have to also up their acting chops. Muay Thai Live features five acts: The Tiger King, The Prisoner with Eight Limbs, The Warrior with Broken Swords, The Lethal Art of Muay Thai, and The Passion Fighter. Each act features a dramatic tale serving as a backdrop while actors display techniques that make Muay Thai impressive.

Muay Thai Live shows are on every Tuesday to Sunday starting at 8 pm. This makes a planned night out to Asiatique the perfect way to spend the evening. From Sathorn Pier, take a free Asiatique boat shuttle south to the complex of warehouses. Wander the retrofitted warehouses, have dinner while enjoying live music and some retail shopping before the show begins. After the show, return to the river promenade to unwind before heading back once more by boat.


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