If arriving in Talad Noi by boat, disembark at Marine Department Pier and walk across the small riverside park to Rong-Kruek Shrine. On the roadside of the Shrine you will come face to face with Mother Roaster coffee shop, although it may not be obvious at first glance.

Like so many buildings in Talad Noi, this 40 year-old-house was originally used to store car and boat engine parts. That was until the end of 2019 when Pim leased the upper floor for her coffee shop. The 70 year-old barista, who has been brewing coffee for 30 years, has transformed the old workspace into Mother Roaster, one of the funkiest establishments in Talad Noi (the tail end of Chinatown, means small market in Thai).

To enter you pass along a small corridor cleared of car parts, then climb a narrow staircase to a verandah green with pot plants moving gracefully in the gentle river breeze. Inside, Pim has maintained the charm of the old house. Weatherboard walls are still painted green that was popular when the house was built. Objects such as bakelite telephones, old desks and chairs, potted plants and original artworks by Pim’s son with and some contemporary furniture to help modernize the space.

The aroma of coffee fills the air, roasted, brewed and served with passion. Mother Roaster’s wide-ranging menu – from savory stews to cakes to accompany coffee – are made with almost no sugar. Don’t expect take away; Mother Roaster has a strict no single use plastic ethos.

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