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  • Arrive by Hilton limousine, car or Taxi
  • Take the Hilton free shuttle boat from Sathorn Pier
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Millennium Hilton Bangkok eases you through your wedding choices with an innovative guide.

The perfect wedding is a result of countless decisions made in a sea of options and the Wedding Ambassadors at Millennium Hilton Bangkok understands the critical support one needs to get through that process. VIVA, the hotel’s easy and innovative guide to helping couple make their favorite choices in everything from menu to decorations, is the team’s answer to easing the arduous yet necessary task of wedding planning. With this guide and their support, your most fanciful wedding vision will be feasible and within your grasp.

Millennium Hilton Bangkok’s Weddings on the Water promises the couple a magical experience. The Bridal Suite is luxurious and comes with many complimentary delights. The restaurants and bars will sate your appetite with tantalizing meals and visually stun with their modern settings. The ballrooms can be tailored to your theme of choice. Lastly, the hotel remembers your special day and will do their best to make even your anniversary celebrations just as special.

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