Millennium Hilton Bangkok has partnered with Rizen Energy to launch Thailand’s first electric limousine service and aims to reduce 15,000 kilogrammes of carbon in 2019 by encouraging hotel guests to use BYD electric limousines.

At Hilton, sustainability is a huge part of the brand with hotels in more than 100 countries and territories. In 2018, Hilton announced a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 61 percent, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, by 2030. Millennium Hilton Bangkok is doing its part by taking on a more proactive role in dealing with air pollution in Bangkok by proactively reducing its own carbon footprint. Starting in 2019, the hotel is partnering with Rizen Energy to utilize BYD e6 electric limousine for its guest transportation.

BYD e6 is the first electric limousine in Thailand and has been in use worldwide for public transportation for more than eight years. It is proven to be reliable, safe, and practical. Designed for public transportation purposes, the spacious e6 model comes with an 80 kWh Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, which allows 350 kilometres of driving range per charge, and a Type 2 charging adaptor, being universal standard. With the powerful BYD 40 kW AC charger, it takes approximately two to two and a half hours to fully charge. BYD e6 only has a motor and battery, which is why the maintenance cost is estimated to be one third of a petrol car. Millennium Hilton Bangkok’s decision to use the BYD electric limousine will help Hilton stay at the forefront of the industry

Hilton views responsible travel and tourism as an integral part of its business, which is why preserving the environment is a cornerstone of Travel with Purpose, the company’s corporate responsibility strategy to create shared value for Hilton Team Members, guests, business partners and communities. Hilton’s commitment to the environment is embedded across the business and supported by LightStay: an award-winning, global corporate responsibility performance measurement platform. LightStay was developed and implemented by Hilton to provide a one-stop solution for reporting environmental, operational and social impacts. To learn more about Hilton’s commitment to preserving the environment, visit

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