Lonely Two-Legged Creature

Operating Hours

11:00 am - 8:30 pm, Daily

How to get there

  • Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Walk to Sathorn Pier and board a Chao Phraya Express Boat to N3 Si Phaya Pier.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Warehouse 30 where Lonely Two-Legged Creature is.
More Information

Lonely Two-Legged Creature carries a line a cool urban clothes with a heartwarming story behind them.

Lonely Two-Legged Creature is Thai architect Duangrit Bunnag’s fashion brand located in the mixed-use compound Warehouse 30, which is also another brainchild of his in the Creative District. The flagship store takes up an entire warehouse and showcases pieces made in Thailand. At a glance, it would seem the fashion brand is a one-man project created by its founder. In reality, the origins of the brand begin with talent spotting, support, and collaboration.

Amphai Kerdhnongmon, a fashion designer from Loei province, had her store in the sea of bulk buy discount fashion stands in Platinum Mall. Duangrit Bunnag was drawn to her design and saw the designer’s unique perspective and potential. A few conversations and sketch reviews later, Duangrit and Amphai joined hands to start Lonely Two-Legged Creature and bring the designer’s ideas to reality.

Amphai’s design marries eye-catching minimalism with comfort and squarely targets urbanites who want to carry on their weekdays and weekends in style. As she continues to come up with new collections, Duangrit also opened up Lonely Two-Legged Creature as a platform for other carefully curated items from Thai brands.

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