Khlong San Market

Operating Hours

7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Khlong San Market caters only to locals and their tastes and needs. Travelers are welcomed to look and see local trends.

If you observe the local gentlemen and ladies, you will begin to see a certain style. A very common thread of affordable, quirky, fun, casual wear that is common in the capital. You might find it in luxury malls as designers adopt street wear. Or it could be vice-versa with locals seeing the trends and creating cheap versions of it. Head to Khlong San Market near The Jam Factory and Millennium Hilton Bangkok to check out that kind of fashion.

Khlong San Market is hyper local. It doesn’t cater to tourists but won’t mind if they swing by. It is run by locals for locals and that makes for a very authentic experience. Rows and rows of tiny boutiques run from the river’s edge all the way to the main road. Make sure you bargain hard for pieces that catch your eye. You want to get your money’s worth in getting decked out for the community runway.

Once you are done, head for the food market section. Catch the locals picking up groceries on their way home or sitting down at some street food stalls. There are a few standout dishes here including a well-known bua loy kai kem (rice flour balls with salted egg in coconut milk).

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