Kathmandu Photo Gallery

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

How to get there

  • A short walk up from the intersection of Charoenkrung and Silom roads, first street after the Hindu temple.
More Information

There are many shophouses that have been renovated to reinvigorate the place. Not many retain the spirit of an old house except for Kathmandu Photo Gallery.

The moment you arrive, look up. You will see that the shophouse’s original doorway stonework was retained. The slits and holes combination is a very common pre-war shophouse feature. Once inside, you cannot miss the mint green antique walls. Another original piece of the old house. And of course, as you ascend to the upper floors, take note of the old wooden staircase. It is rather quaint.

The owner is one of Thailand’s best known photo-artist, whose work is proudly displayed on the ground floor. There is a mini book corner for you to peruse as well. Gain some insight from it all. On the upper floor, he helps to spread the works of others. Don’t forget to take off your shoes before stepping onto the hardwood floors. It is in line with entering a Thai person’s home after all.

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