ICONSIAM: a clean re-opening


With the easing of restrictions on malls coming soon, ICONSIAM is preparing to welcome you back to shops and restaurants.

A stringent program of sanitization is underway to ensure health and safety for all visitors. Rest assured, ICONSIAM is as concerned about your wellness and well being as you are.

Measures for the ICONSIAM Staff:
• All staff will undergo a daily health check before entering the building and will have their temperature checked throughout the day
• All staff will be wearing facemasks, face shields, and enter through a designated sanitization gate.

Measures for the ICONSIAM building:
• A deep clean of all areas has been scheduled before reopening using ozone purifiers, UV-C sanitization and disinfecting fogger technology. Air conditioning systems have been ozone cleaned and coated with a disinfection enzyme.
• Disinfectant will be sprayed and OZONE sanitation will take place every night after hours in the mall and offices.
• All frequently touched areas, such as elevators, handrails, and restroom fixtures will be disinfected every 30 minutes

Measures for Visitors:
• Temperature scanners will be at all entrances with a scan robot (True5G Temi Thermal Scan AutoBot) at main entrances and exits.
• All visitors must pass the temperature scanner
• Visitors are asked to maintain social distancing in common areas, especially restrooms, escalators, and restaurants.
• Hand sanitizers will be available throughout
• Free UV-C sanitization spots will be available
• The number of visitors will be limited in compliance with the Department of Health
• Elderly and disabled people will have special services available, such as reserved parking and priority checkout, to shorten their visit.
• Shoppers are required to install phone apps or use an online form to register before entering and exiting the building.
• All visitors required to wear facemasks at all times.

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