Operating Hours

10:00 am - 10:00 pm, daily

How to get there

  • Take the BTS train to Saphan Taksin BTS Station.
  • Head to Sathorn Pier via Saphan Taksin BTS Station Exit 2.
  • Take the ICONSIAM free shuttle boat available 9:00 am – 11:00 pm daily every 10 minutes.
More Information

ICONCRAFT features Thai craft made by locals who have taken inspiration from traditional methods and use them to create modern products suitable for the cosmopolitan Bangkokian.

Establishments selling traditional Thai craft is ubiquitous throughout the capital but those carrying contemporary ones by local makers are rather hard to find. Spaces that bring these types of Thai craft together and make it conducive for browsing and purchasing are even more rare. ICONSIAM provides a solution to that for those looking to enrich their lives with Thai craft. Taking up space on the fourth and fifth floor, ICONCRAFT is devoted to bringing the best of fashionable and current Thai craft to shoppers in the most luxurious and convenient manner.

On display in the sweeping open space of ICONCRAFT are a variety of stunning and precious Thai craft that can sit in harmony with decors of modern-day homes. The halls of both floors are divided into seven categories named after the maker type rather than the craft type: The Painter (for visual art), The Sculptor (for sculptures), The Carpenter (for woodwork), The Gastronomer (for cuisine craft), The Therapist (for well-being craft), The Smith (for metalwork), and The Weaver (for textiles). One can flow easily from one zone devoted to a category to the next while browsing with everything in sight.

ICONCRAFT also functions as an exhibition space, displaying carefully curated art pieces by renowned Thai artists that match their work to the seven space categories. These works have included those of Mr. Wipu Sriwilas (ceramic artist), Mrs. Ploy Chariyaves (author and illustrator), Mr. Sakul Intakul (florist), Mr. Udom Udomsrianant (sculpture artist and weaver), Mr. Suwan Kongkhuntien (furniture designer) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Namfon Laisatruklai (textile designer). Each art piece is accompanied by a QR code sign that visitors can scan to learn the story behind it.

Last but not least, ICONCRAFT was designed to be an interactive space for those passionate about Thai craft. Craft Corner hosts activities to give visitors a hands-on experience in learning about making any product within the seven categories. Experts are on site to instruct visitors and pass on knowledge in the most enjoyable and effective manner to build a deeper appreciation for these contemporary Thai craft.

As part of Siam Piwat’s “Citizen of Love” project, centering on supporting people with disabilities, underprivileged people, and special needs children, ICONCRAFT has opened the inspiring “Made by Beautiful People” zone. Products now available are from 7 pioneering charitable organizations and groups: Vocational Development Center for the Disabled (ศูนย์ส่งเสริมอาชีพคนพิการ), Light for the Disabilities Foundation (มูลนิธิแสงสว่างเพื่อพัฒนาคุณภาพชีวิตคนพิการ) , Anusarnsunthon School for the Deaf (โรงเรียนโสตศึกษาอนุสสรสุนทร จังหวัดเชียงใหม่) , Arunothai for Special Needs Project (โครงการอรุโณทัยเพื่อคนพิเศษ), Autistic Thai Foundation (มูลนิธิออทิสติกไทย), Na Kittikun Foundation (มูลนิธิ ณ กิตติคุณ) and Sikkha Asia Foundation (มูลนิธิสิกขาเอเชีย) . The ultimate goal is to culminate an empowering space, a creative showcase of their works and their talents. It’s a place where products made by people, whose hearts know no boundaries, are connected to local consumers and visitors from across the globe.

Visit the “Made by Beautiful People” zone at ICONCRAFT, Floor 4 and 5

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