Hong Sieng Kong is a beautifully restored compound of six buildings sitting on 1 rai of land on the Chinatown riverfront. To find it, meander through the backstreets of Talad Noi towards the Chaophraya River.

Located next to the 250 year old Chinese temple, Zhou Song Gong Shrine, one house was a home and is 200 years old. The other five buildings are approximately 150 years old and, with most buildings in this location, was used for rice trading with China. The buildings were previously owned by Dr Sumet, and advisor to previous kings.

Fifteen years ago, the Hong Family, antique traders in Bang Rak for 40 years, bought the property with a view of turning it into a hotel. But the son, Decha Hong saw its potential as a unique property for a mix of uses: cafe, casual dining, live music, antique exhibitions and events.

Along with preserving the architecture of the time, the Hong Family use it display many rare pieces of Chinese furniture, artefacts as well as their vintage cars.

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