Heliconia Bangkok grows roots in Creative District, unleashing its floral design specialists upon Bangkok.

Flowers play a significant role in society. They bring vibrant colors and scents to wherever they are placed and have the power to set and alter moods. In Thailand, they are ubiquitous, coming in well put together sets, and seen everywhere from contemporary venues like hotels to historical ones like temples. The general public often takes for granted these floral sets and never think of the genius behind them: the floral design specialist. Heliconia Bangkok has an entire team of them and are now open for business in Bangkok.

Located in the Creative District in Bang Rak, Heliconia Bangkok has had a long history with flowers. It was founded in 2000 in Bali where they partnered with local and global clients to come up with the most striking flower designs for establishments and events. This preeminent floral specialist company chose Bangkok as their second location. Here, they work with products and flowers that are sourced locally and within Thailand. These include exotic and unusual fruits that are rarely seen even by locals and provide bursts of vivid colors, which happen to be one of the sources of inspiration for Heliconia’s team. Mother Nature is the ultimate muse that coaxes their specialists and designers to push the envelope on floral art pieces that meet every unique client need.

Their gallery comprises of several multifunctional floors. The first floor is where visitors, prospective partners, and clients can see showcases of design and services. The second floor is an industrial designed open workspace where Heliconia Bangkok hosts guests for presentations, meetings, or private events. The third floor is a mixed-use office and studio space where photographing of mock-up table settings take place. A roof garden on top keeps the team connected to the source of their purpose: flora and earth.

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