Riverside Terrace at Anantara

Operating Hours

7:30PM - 8:30PM

How to get there

  • Drive or taxi to Anantara Bangkok Riverside, parking available
  • Take the Skytrain to Saphan Taksin BTS station, and walk down to Sathorn Pier
  • Hop aboard the free Anantara shuttle boat at Sathorn Pier
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Beside the legendary River of Kings, Riverside Terrace welcomes guests with a garland and a photo taken with Hanuman.

The Hanuman Show brings to life the rich heritage and vibrancy of Thai mythology, staged with a striking river backdrop. Dramatic lighting and special effects add to the visual drama, as 10 traditional Thai artists in theatrical costumes perform the story of Hanuman travelling from heaven to earth. Part 1 portrays Hanuman’s adventures in heaven in a puppet show, with smoke giving the illusion of clouds as Hanuman interacts with the angels. The head angel presents a weapon to Hanuman, who then journeys to earth where he witnesses two monkeys fighting with a giant. Using his powerful weapon, Hanuman conquers the giant and angels appear to congratulate him by performing the “Thousand Hands” dance. Following a 15-minute intermission, in Part 2, Hanuman plays amongst the lady fish under the sea. Attracted to the head fish, he tries to woo her. Travelling on to the forest, Hanuman encounters a deer, elephant, male and female birds, dances with a dragon and is lifted up, providing a spectacular finale.

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