Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River is the heart of the capital. Steeped in history, the ‘river of kings’ has been the meeting point of east and west for centuries. Today, it ranks amongst the world’s best waterfront destinations. Surprising to even the ardent traveller, there is a treasure trove of things to do along Bangkok River.


The neighborhoods of Bangkok River are teeming with life, culture, and activities. With so many galleries and shops, restaurants and bars, walks and talks, there is always something to new discover. The best way to see everything is on foot. Whether organized by your hotel concierge or making off on your own with our self-guided walks, you will be amazed by the places you see and the people you meet. Don’t miss Bangkok’s vibrant Creative District.


The Chao Phraya River renaissance is highlighting Thai arts and culture that exist along the waterway while welcoming new talent and contemporary works into its fold. Visit the ever-growing number of galleries and event spaces that showcase both traditional and groundbreaking works and performances. In October, the first Bangkok Art Biennale will see art installations from 70 Thai and international artists dotting along the river and nearby districts.


Shopping along the river offers you both the indoor and outdoor experience. Opening in October, the sparkling new one-stop-shop ICONSIAM is a mini-world in itself where you can find everything you need. Venture onto the bustling streets to find boutique stores selling unique items for your hearts desire. River City Bangkok is Asia’s premier art and antiques center hosting national and international exhibitions.


From fine dining to street food, eateries on the Chao Phraya River constantly surprise and tantalize taste buds. Explore the riverside neighborhoods to experience culinary delights. The choices are plentiful and the reasons are endless. And don’t forget Bangkok’s lively night scene brings to the table its own colorful mix of places to go to after sunset. Funky bars, restaurants, and events offer creative cocktails, unique foods, live music, and more.


There is no better place to stay than next to the Chao Phraya River, the lifeblood of Bangkok old and new. The mighty waterway connects you to the City of Angel’s history and culture, markets and temples, galleries and event spaces, riverside bars and restaurants, and the world’s finest hotels.


Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River: rich in history and culture, with elegant shopping, and waterfront hotels, restaurants and entertainment. Go on, EXPLORE all that is on offer.



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