Crystal Walk

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OPENS 29 JULY - Mon-Fri 11:00 to 20:00, Sat & Sun 10:00 to 20:00

Crystal Walk is an exhibition of more than 20 crystal formations found in USA, France, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Indonesia, and India collected over 15 years by Robert McLeod, owner of Agata Gallery.

The formation of crystals is a long and complex process that requires two elements: volcanic activity and water. The crystals on display are estimated to be 30,000 to 200 million years in their creation.

Some of the specimens on display are Gogottes, which were formed in the final stages of an ice age – between 30-50,000 years ago. They formed in layers between a buried “fossil beach” and the clay above. The shapes were made by a complex process of freezing, weathering and thawing. They consist of older pure silica sand from the beach “cemented” together with silica that percolate through the clay above, forming the most wonderful natural sculptures.

Louis XIV reportedly brought large Gogottes to Palace of Versailles, which in addition to decorating the Royal Court, served to protect the delicate material from exposure to harsh climate conditions. Smaller Gogottes were found in mid 20th century, thought to be collected by famous sculptors of the period including Brancusi, Arp, and Moore. Hollywood actor, Nicholas Cage is also rumored to be a collector.

Located on the 3rd floor of River City Bangkok, visitors can stroll through the individually mounted works of Mother Nature’s most astounding works of art. Marvel at the fluid sandstone forms and come to realise that there are few shapes made by man that nature did not invent first.

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