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Bangkok's blooming Creative District is set to be the center of creative Bangkokians' universe.

Districts in Bangkok are well defined by their legacy personalities and what they offer. But districts evolve. In particular, Bangrak and Klongsan, previously associated with quiet river life, are going through a renaissance and have become a story of neighborhood revival. The two riverside districts together, having seen a rise in the number of artists and innovative entities moving in, have been newly dubbed The Creative District.

Up and down Charoenkrung on the east side and Charoennakhon on the west side, new destinations have popped up and make for an exciting new scene. Enough galleries have popped up that a tipping point was reached. Cool new boutique hotels have also opened doors and alongside the luxury hotels welcome new generations of tourists looking to experience Bangkok away from downtown. The food scene is strong in The Creative District. Having inherited myriad street food shops on Charoenkrung and received new eating houses all around, the district is sure to delight foodies looking to get a taste of Bangkok from no frills vendors to high end restaurants.

BMA, in tandem with new developments, are conserving and renovating historical buildings within Bangrak. One can currently stroll up and down Charoenkrung, Bangkok’s oldest paved road, and appreciate architectures of eras gone by. The district contains a slew of edifices influenced by Europe – a result of being where Europeans would dock to trade and eventually set up their embassies. Houses of worship also still stand strong as pillars of the neighborhood as temples, mosques and churches all coexist to support one another. There is no better way to explore The Creative District than on foot or bike. Get your walking shoes on, your best bicycle and make full use of The Creative Districts wide sidewalks and river transportation.

If you want to get an idea of what you’ll find, check out the Creative District Instagram page.

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