Charoenkrung Road, running from Bang Rak to Rattanakosin, is one of the first paved roads laid in Bangkok. It was built so that foreign diplomats, who had established their embassies and commercial operators, who opened offices to trade products between Thailand and Asia and Europe where able to easily visit the King and government offices. During the late 19th century it was busy with trams and delivery vehicles, small business and markets.

In recent years the riverside districts of Bangrak and Klongsan have become known as Bangkok’s Creative District. In February 2015 people living and working in the area came together to improve the livability and livelihoods of people in the area – some who had been in the area for generations, some who had moved here to pursue their dreams.  

The Creative District is full of street food vendors, funky bars, fun new eateries, art galleries, artisan workshops, and boutiques. In February each year, Bangkok Design Week, a project of Thailand Creative and Design Centre (TCDC), attracts thousands of people to explore the area along Charoenkrung Road. Exhibitions take over venues such as Grand Postal Building, small villas, Warehouse30, River City, ATT19, Fotoclub BKK and numbers ‘hipster’ cafes. 

In 2020 during the COVID19 lockdown, Creative Economy Agency (CEA), the government organisation responsible for TCDC among others, organized ‘Colour of Charoenkrung’ to help bring life to the District following the period of government imposed isolation. Thirty street artists where invited to tell stories on the abandoned walls in small sois running off Charoenkrung Road.  It follows the highly successful BUKRUK street art festival of 2016.  

Viewing the 30 murals is easiest by foot. Stroll around the Creative District, from Bangrak to Tsong-Wad, stopping off to buy food and drink as you go. You will see the works of rising stars including: TNOP DESIGN, WISHULADA, KENZ, Ease-Studio, Bunjerd.Boy, Prang Vejjajiva and more. 

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