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When you begin to think you have seen it all in Bangkok, don’t. The fact is even for seasoned locals born and bred here, there’s always more than meets the eye. Undiscovered places rich in stories lie where cars cannot go. And we know that by car is the mode of choice for locals when going from A to B. This is where Co van Kessel Bangkok Tours steps in to open your eyes.

Started more than 30 years ago by Co van Kessel himself, a Dutch long time resident of Bangkok, the tour company aims to reignite your sense of wonder. By taking you through pathways that can’t be driven through and alleys that only those who live there use, guides will allow you to experience colors, flavors, spectacles, and vibrant life in every corner. All of this on foot, boat or bike because they make you feel much more connected and grounded to the city’s past and present.

Peruse through their tour packages that varies from a few hours to an overnight homestay. From community neighborhoods to quiet klongs and hidden walkways or river islands to forests smack amidst the crazy Bangkok you have already seen, the itineraries are impressively different. You are guaranteed to walk away learning something you did not know existed.


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