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CK28 is a triangular block at the northern end of the Creative District brimming with creatives and their solo projects, with the whole greater than the sum of the efforts of the residents and tenants.

Like many stories of neighbourhood revival, Charoenkrung Soi 28’s status was a relatively quiet lane until a spark arrived. In 2012, Speedy Grandma opened in a shophouse and soon positioned itself as an “alternative space”. The group responsible aimed to showcase more experimental ideas and works and challenge the pre-conceived notion that art is exclusive. In advocating for the unique role of art in the society, Speedy Grandma drew more and more people to area, who then in turn became inspired by their location on the fringe and began establishing their own places there. The result today is the creative hub that is CK28.

The artists taking over the area work on a wide range of mediums – film, jewelry, food and drinks, canvas, wall, skin for tattoos, and more. This is leading to a diverse microcosm that’s becoming more influential and exciting for Bangkokians. 80/20, Jua, Tropic City, and Little Market provide innovative sustenance to all visitors. Black Pig Tattoo and A.T. The Den are collocated studios working on tattoos and jewelry respectively. Speedy Grandma and MOST Gallery usher in art exhibitions at an exhilarating rate. CK28 is also home to two wall arts that are products of the BUKRUK Urban Arts Festival II in 2016.

CK28 is beginning to see more collective activities. Galleries there have regularly become part of the quarterly Creative District Gallery Hopping Night that encourages Bangkokians to wander from one art space to another and appreciate their various characters. Those working in CK28 have staged their own events, such as block parties and street screen showings. Keep up with the area by visiting the tenants, engaging them in conversation, and following their social media for more updates.

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