Chatrium Hotels & Residences mission states “Staying socially in sync and environmentally caring”.

Chatrium Hotels & Residences are dedicated to making a positive contribution to local communities and preserving the environment and they believe that everyone has a responsibility to ensure their world is not unnecessarily impacted by the presence of humans. On a regular basis Chatrium colleagues take the time to provide humanitarian aid to local communities and clean up polluted areas as well as ensuring that all Chatrium amenities are Earth-friendly.

They follow a green-minded model of environmental sustainability, “Think First, Think Earth”, across all of their properties. Chatrium Hotels & Residences insists on having the least possible negative impact on the environment and has undertaken several initiatives to take care of their planet; from growing their own orchids and flowers to be used for in-room and hotel decorations, to making sure all of their light bulbs are energy saving whenever possible and that all amenities used at Chatrium are environmentally-friendly.

See more on their global corporate social responsibility page.

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