Calypso Bangkok

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Starts at 8:15 pm and 9:45 pm, daily

How to get there

  • Asiatique
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Calypso is a cabaret show intended to spread joy and highlight a wonderful subculture.

Thailand’s tolerance of transgender has resulted in a more open expression of its subculture. This has often contributed to the diversity observed in Thai demographics and over the years, noting many visitors’ positive interest in the transgender, show creators have set up cabaret shows to solely feature transgender performers. Often known to be full of joy, laughs, and vivid colors, these cabaret shows are considered an essential part of the Thailand experience. Calypso, located at Asiatique, is a well-known show that’s been in operation since 1988.

Entering the Calypso theater is to be transported into another world. It is one that is a clear nod to old time Parisian cabaret shows with small round tables and lamps, and especially to Moulin Rouge with the scarlet shades all around. Settle in with your drink in hand as beautiful women strut onto the stage in most impressive getups with acts enough to make anyone laugh and dance in their seat. Watch as they reference international pop culture, ranging from Beyonce to K-Pop to Chinese songs. The drama and comedy are sure to keep the kids laughing as well.

With all their beauty, it is easy to forget that the actresses are all born men. Hence, it is fitting that the show is named Calypso. Calypso was a nymph in Greek mythology, playing a role in Homer’s Odyssey and her name is derived from the word meaning “to conceal”. In this case, the concealment only adds wonder to the show and makes it all the more impressive.


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