Broccoli Revolution Charoenkrung

Operating Hours

12:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Tues-Sun

How to get there

  • Take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin Station.
  • Walk 5 minutes to Broccoli Revolution Charoenkrung.
More Information

Broccoli Revolution Charoenkrung is a socially conscious and eco-friendly plant-based restaurant and juice bar in historic Bang Rak.

A few years ago, one would be hard pressed to find a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok. But not anymore. Recently, there has been a growing awareness on the need for healthy living and caring for nature, which includes eating well while watching out for our food’s impact on the environment. Several restaurants have been founded in response to this green wave and Broccoli Revolution is one of them. It was founded by a group of passionate people who wanted to help others find balance in their health. Their mission is to give Bangkokians access to plant-based meals that are not only healthful, but also delicious. And in choosing to dine there, patrons would also be helping the environment as a byproduct.

Broccoli Revolution Charoenkrung just opened in the Creative District in Bang Rak and is the third branch of the restaurant. Located right opposite Wat Suan Plu, this location is in an old shophouse. As with all their other locations, the team chose to keep the shophouse structure intact as much as possible and retrofitted the restaurant so diners can still see the original layout of the building. Walking into the restaurant is an experience. The whitewashed exterior completely hides what is within. One enters a tunnel-like hallway and upon entry through the front door, is greeted by natural light with a tree in an indoor courtyard. This sense of discovery is deliberate and thought out by the founders as a way to set a positive mood for all diners.

All dishes contain no meat. From appetizers to entrée to dessert, you can order with full confidence that no animals were harmed, and that your body will be receiving a joyful dose of flora nutrition. The flavors will also not disappoint as the chefs work hard to create a delectable meal for you. Note that Broccoli Revolution intends for all its locations to be mixed-use. Come back frequently as they often partner with other lifestyle organizations to make sure there are a variety of activities on their other floors in the shophouse.

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