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10:00 am - 10:00 pm, daily except Tue

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If you ever find yourself wandering close to Saphan (Bridge) Taksin, go and find a nearby gallery that is also its namesake. Bridge happens to be a very apt name because it defines what the gallery really does for various activities within a spot.

If you need caffeine, grab a cup of coffee at Bridge. If you are hungry, Bridge has some ever-rotating gastronomic options. If your mind craves creative stimulation, find it at the current exhibition at Bridge. If you are looking to actually create something yourself, arrange for a working space at Bridge. It is your one-stop-shop shophouse. Four stories of killing time.

The gallery also offers an amazing rooftop. You can admire the unobstructed west view of Yannawa Temple, the river, and of course, the bridge. Witness a beautiful sunset before closing out your day at this gallery.

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