Bangkok Art Biennale 2022 – CHAOS : CALM

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22 October 2022 to 23 February 2023

Bangkok Art Biennale 2022 under the theme CHAOS : CALM will take place during 22 October 2022 to 23 February 2023.

The third Bangkok Art Biennale showcases 200 artworks and installations from 73 artists in 12 venues across Bangkok.

The binary opposite of chaos and calm will reflect the zeitgeist of the confusing world we live in. Artists whose works reflect turbulence, trauma and angst remind us of fragility of life at the time of pandemic, climate change, environment detriment, politics and clashes in ideologies. In the dystopian and delusional world, the artists reveal consequences of destruction of humankind and nature from their own making.

Amidst chaos, there are glimpses of hope and serendipity as human and nature slowly come to terms with survivalism. With the immensity of detriment and destruction, ways of life will never return to what once known as normalcy. Discovery of calmness in turmoil can be unexpectedly enriching through sagacity and chance. Such process covers a wide range of demands including empathy, patience, allure and humor. Calmness and tranquility can still be experienced simultaneously in our new world of post-pandemic and upheaval.

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